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:D Haha! notice the lack of realism? //slapped

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This is filled with artwork I appreciate in some form or another!

kinda like how I appreciate this adorable post of adorableness -->…




HM App: Shiva by 0-zinx-0
HM App: Shiva
Nope I didn't shade the 10yr old looking one....because I thought he was cuter unshaded ;v;
and I gave him shoes....because I drew the feet weird....and he hates shoes e7e


Bullet; Purple Basic Information

Name: Shiva 
Age: 1124 (appears as an 18yr old, 10yr old, or cat with horns)
DOB: November 30
Height:  18 yr old form: 5' 8" (172.72cm); 10yr old form: 4' 11" (149.86cm); Cat from head to ground on all fours: 9.8" (25cm)
Creature: (cast away) Spirit Guide
Tower:  Void Tower
Notable features:  
- He has a black cat tail with a white tip on all 3 of his forms
- Gold cat eyes
- On his cat form he has nubby little horns
- his 18 year old form...has a pony tail
- 2 ear piercings of the bottom of each ear. one on the top of his left ear and 2 up on the bottom of his left ear.
- Assume he is not ever wearing shoes
Voice: I feel so bad ...I think I found it... ever heard of the Studio Killers? ;7;…

Bullet; Purple Personal Background

- food (best if taken from a friend or mild in flavor)
- getting his head scratched or hair played with
- television and plays (he loves the drama of the theater)
- music (any kind you can dance or sleep to)
- sing (broadway play songs, and things similar to them)
- cuddling
- libraries
- Warm places
- New York, New york (despite its retched smells and extreme temperatures)

-  rain
- The Fates 
- Conniving people
- being tricked
- people pulling his tail ('s part of his spine)
- people knowing things and not telling him
- sshoes...
- getting scared (god is he easily freaked out)

- That he'll live a pretty petty life with no real accomplishments
- That he'll never get to see his friends again.... but thats kind of a reality.
- He is scared of things trying to eat him.
- total darkness or total silence. (Leaving him senseless...kinda makes him go senseless)

His goal is to find a goal. He had by accident stumbled to the mansion through a portal. The portal had been set to go to his friend's dimension, however,The fates had clipped his ties from that dimension so it redirected him to somewhere else. This time it was Heims-mansion. He's staying for three reasons; to satisfy his curiosity, to find a new goal, and because he has nothing better to do with his immortal time.

Personality: Shiva is a rather awkward spirit. He is very cautious of new things and people and can come off as standoffish when he interacts with new people and things. In reality however he is curious of anything and everything and can be really expressive and gullible though he'll try his damnedest not to show it and will use sarcasm often as his cover. Little things can make and break his day, such as having an omelet for breakfast or someone giving him what he may mistaken for a dirty look. He also becomes quite clingy to those he deems as friends, especially when it is cold out side...and when they have food.

History: Shiva was a spirit guardian made by the fates and born from the moon and clouds. He was raised and mentored among other spirit guardians and higher beings in a place similar to the stereo type of heaven. He received his first mission a little later then most spirit guides get one. It was to a Demon-fairy boy born to hell's king and a high born fairy. He had a destiny to choose the fate of his realm and Shiva was assigned to help him fulfill and make this decision. Shiva had been bron to earth in the form of a cat to him. He was given information and premonitions in moderation from the fates to help guide the boy and eventually succeeded.
        Unfortunately his time with the child and his friends had took a toll on him. He had developed feelings for the beings, of friendship and hate, he was generating opinions. When he was brought back he was going to be given a new assignment. This assignment however was to kill the king of hell, this was an iffy mission for Shiva, because the king of Hell at this point very well could be his former Fated or someone dear to them. He had to refuse it.
        This decision was treated like a betrayal. He was put to a semi trial in front of his fellow spirit guides, the fates, and some of his higher being friends. His answers seemed to matter little to none to them. They treated him as if he were a disease and banished him from their abode and to add salt to the wound they made the dimension they existed in reject him and took away his spirit guide abilities trapping him in the form he had last existed in when he guided his first and last mission.

After all that he had spent a few years wandering through dimensions trying to get back and trying to communicate with his old friends. Unfortunately he never did and spent a lot of time getting lost through weird dimensions. The last place he was before coming to Heims was New York city where he spent at least a good year and a half trying to find something to do with his life.

Bullet; Purple Abilities

- immortality- can't die or more specifically he can....he just comes back to life.
- can shift into a ten year old, 18 year old, and cat with horns
- can levitate off the ground up to about 3 feet
- has minor premonition abilities.- minor as in they are only feelings, like mmm somethings not right, or feeling a presence is approaching or nearby. 

Skills and strengths:
- he is good with solving things and pretty quick witted
- has good balance and reflexes
- can sing pretty well (not like angels but it isn't a bad voice)
- evading attacks 
- really good hearing 

- his tail can be sensitive
- scratching his head is an almost instant way of making his muscles relax
- he isn't very strong ( actually he is pretty whiny)
- can be hot tempered (sore Loser and winner)
- is fairly gullible 

Bullet; Purple Roleplay Information

Chatroom Availability: 
uhhh I will be on frequently, however I have no real schedule at all at the moment sooo I really couldn't tell you what time I'd be on between. I should be on in the evenings around school time....or the early mornings...and by morning I mean 2pm

IM Availability: 
SKYPPEEEEE seriously...I am always on...even if it says I am not...I am ...don't believe it's lies!

Roleplay Preferences:
 Romance/Pairing, Gore/Torture, Casual, Fighting, Emotional/Drama, Adventure, One on One, Group RPs, Alternate Universe

Roleplay Sample: 

Shiva: slowly and cautiously made his way down the hallway. The moving pictures and ominous furniture were not very comforting but he just had to get a better look at that weird bat thing. He peeked around the corner of the room he seen it fly into only to stare into pitch blackness. HE came out and stood in the door way. "what? mm maybe there's a light switch?" he mummbled about to reach in to see if there was one only to be surprised by a few dozen sets of eyes opening up and staring at him from the darkness.

Ryou: Art Assignment 1 by 0-zinx-0
Ryou: Art Assignment 1
Ahaaaa I did this digitally...and tried to make it look like a page in a large sketchbook...the idea was drawing carnivorous plants...and well yeah...

Things keep trying to eat this child
Alex: Magic Assignment 1 by 0-zinx-0
Alex: Magic Assignment 1
Magic: Water
Student: Alex Drathenmort

He is in actuality...probably partially playing with soapy water.
Rage Art by 0-zinx-0
Rage Art
Yup more rage art
.... why is my Rage art so colorful?

I'm just so stressed

I'm allive though
plus one for the home team!
Elaine sketch dump (and Homra raising the bar) by 0-zinx-0
Elaine sketch dump (and Homra raising the bar)
Ahaaaa some of these are older and some of these are recent
you can probably tell the difference in proportions...;7; heh heh yeahhhhh

This also features darling Clio and Matty

Matty belongs to :iconungivenfux64:
Clio belongs to :iconkanimimi:
The art and Elaine belongs to me


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